The ARC Network for Early European Research has established a digital repository for the research data and research output of its participants. The repository is known as PioNEER.

The PioNEER Repository can be browsed and searched here.

Instructions for depositing material in PioNEER can be found here.

Items included in PioNEER are also listed in Trove, the National Library of Australia's search service:

The repository has two main aims:

It also provides the following key features:

Detailed specifications for the research repository were set out by the Network Management Committee.

The PioNEER repository is being managed by the UWA Library on behalf of NEER. The software used for the repository is DigiTool from the ExLibris Group.

Information about publishers' policies on depositing material in repositories can be found on the SHERPA/ROMEO site. The equivalent Australian information is at the OAKLAW site.

A list of publishers' policies relevant to NEER participants is available here.

Most publishers allow authors to deposit the final, refereed, pre-publication version of an article or paper - but not normally the published, formatted version from the journal itself.