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This is the home page for the Elzbieta Majocha space.

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  1. Mar 05, 2007

    Dear Ela,

    Thanks for the message. Yes, I did get the original email and I've updated my details. Looking forward to your new page collecting e-resources!

    Kathleen(big grin)

  2. Jul 31, 2007

    Dear Ela

    Thank you, I am really excited about being virtually connected!


  3. Nov 06, 2007

    hi ela, i think i'm getting the hang of backing up personal files. am i right that one has to create a page first, restrict it, and then attach files to that?one thing i'm unclear on is whether i can back up files i have saved from e.g. eebo on (restricted) research space. is there a copyright issue if they can be accessed by colleagues who are not on-site users of uwa library? yasmin

  4. Nov 06, 2007

    Hi Ela,

    I got the thingy you sent 'round!



  5. Nov 09, 2007

    Hi Ela

    Quick query about Eurokids -- the group is still called 'Child' when choosing to restrict viewing etc. Is this going to  cause problems along the line? cheers, s

  6. Nov 09, 2007

    thanks Ela, new group now available. all the best, s

  7. Nov 15, 2007

    Hi Ela,

    OK I think I've got it right this time.  



  8. Nov 23, 2007

    Hi, Ela. Sorry for the enormous delay in answering. I got your e-mail and I am now trying to explore Psycho. I haven't understood all: it's a pretty new experience for me.

    All the best.


  9. Nov 29, 2007

    Hi Ela, thanks for sorting out DISEASES space. Cheers, Yasmin

  10. Nov 30, 2007

    Working fine for me.

  11. Nov 30, 2007

    Hi Ela,

    Thanks for that. As far as the "recent updates" comment goes, I'm not sure if I can speak for anyone else. I'm not sure I see the benefit in being able to see what everyone is doing in such minute detail - perhaps if it were possible to 'subscribe' to updates of some sort (e.g. page modification, new comments, etc) that'd be more worthwhile. Your thoughts?

    Best wishes,

  12. Dec 28, 2007

    Hey Ela,

    hope you had a relaxing Christmas. The name of the cake that I was talking about last week is called Padre Pio Cake/ Bread. 


  13. Jan 10, 2008

    :-)Yep the Arts Practicum is only 100 hours now as opposed to the 130 hours which Emma had to do. The finish line is just around the corner! 

  14. Jan 20, 2008

    Hey Ela,

    I've just sent you a rough copy of my reflective report. Thank you so much for looking over it for me. Would you like me to come in tomorrow (21/01) to  hear your verdict in person or did you just want to send me an email? Either way is fine with me. Just let me know so that I don't accidentally stand you up! 

    Look forward to hearing from you soon. (wink)


  15. Feb 04, 2008

    Hi Ela,

    Whatever you did last time for the AG Meeting seemed to work well - so long as everyone gets a reminder and knows where to go.

    Thanks. Anne

  16. Feb 04, 2008

    Hi Ela. Thanks for the RF file - it looks really good to me. Feel free to keep going with it this afternoon and to keep using my laptop. Toby

  17. Feb 13, 2008

    Hi Ela.

    I have a vague memory of receiving something from you around Christmas time, but that's about all I can remember. I have moved, and am now settled in the new house. I took an intermission, but am back up running...almost. Hope all is well with you,

    Cheers, Tasha

  18. Feb 13, 2008

    Yes Ela, it was the AEMA connection. I found the email on my home page...and quickly updated it all...even before you could reply to me! (smile)

    Boxes of books. O yes, there are many of those...I just step over them or around them. Almost second nature now. I have down-sized quite dramatically, and basically finding life much more efficient nowadays. Let me know when you are in Melbourne. It is probably easier to catch here than over there, where I have only been 3 time in my whole life!



  19. Mar 25, 2008

    Hey Ela,

    I've tried to find that page about the Uni of Melbourne museum prac students and I'm lost in a maze of links! Can you point me in the right direction?

    Thanks and see you soon,


  20. Apr 03, 2008

    Dear Ela,   I am continuing to 'slowly' work thru the personal space pages and I can't seem to see a personal details page for Andrew Lynch.   He has a 'space' and some comments but no child page called 'personal details' is visible - or is it just me !!

     Many thanks


  21. Apr 16, 2008

    Dear Ela,   happened across this site when I was looking for some participant details.  You may be aware of it - it may be of no interest, but just thought I'd pass it on.



  22. Apr 21, 2008

    Hi Ela,

    Thanks very much for the links- they are indeed what I was after!

    I am still using my UWA email, I just forget to check it (tongue).

    I plan to come by soon, I promise. I think I'll be at uni next Monday in fact, so perhaps then?

    See you soon,