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This is the home page for the ARC Network for Early European Research general space.

Use this Space for general documents and discussions which do not fall within the scope of one of the more specific Spaces.

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What can I use Confluence for?

NEER participants: a list of Personal Spaces

NEER participants: Register (as at March 2007)

ANNUAL REPORT 2007: Supporting Documents

NEER Research Cluster Reports

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  1. Oct 27, 2006

    Hi Toby. I have tried to add a picture to my profile by browsing files on my C drive but it hasn't worked. However, I have successfully added one of the Confluence icons. Anne Scott

  2. Oct 31, 2006

    There appears to be a problem with adding a photo to your profile. I'll see if I can get it fixed. Toby

  3. Nov 10, 2006

    Still can't seem to upload a picture.

  4. Dec 14, 2006

    Toby, Ela,

    Some of the documents I have uploaded from my hard drive come out as 'binary' files in Confluence, even though they started their journey as Word files. I want them in a form people - e.g. the committee to whom I have  just sent out a reminder to access a document on Confluence, can read them easily.  Anne

  5. Dec 15, 2006


    I noticed that the file WVF_AwardLetter had no extension (.doc was missing from the name). I added .doc to the name and now it opens correctly in Word. Confluence needs the file extension to know what kind of attachment it's dealing with.


  6. Feb 15, 2007

    Hi Toby

    As I was having difficulty editing my Personal Details page I managed to eventually cancel and then add a new page instead to correct my name, but notice on the NEER Participants list I am still recorded as 'Glenis' instead of (Ms) Glenys Adams.  Can you advise how I go about making that change.  Much appreciated.


  7. Feb 15, 2007

    Hi Glenys

    I've fixed the spelling of your name and posted an explanatory comment (copied below) in your personal space, did you get it?

    It's Ela, Toby's assistant (reserch officer for digi services) here. Thankyou for checking your details so promptly, we hope very much everybody else will be so diligent. I've corrected the spelling of your name on the list of participants (it's a general admin space and only admin staff have edit permissions on it, that's why you couldn't do it yourself). It should all be in order now. Happy confluencing!

  8. Jul 04, 2008

    Hi Toby.
    I've made 2 links for the Cluster document, and can't seem to delete one of them. It seems to delete when I am editing, but remain when I close.