PioNEER Metadata Requirements

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Must support the kind of browsing and searching we want to offer.

Should conform to existing standards / best practice (cf APSR, DLF, NSDL etc.)

Must be able to be exposed for OAI harvesting (via crosswalk to Dublin Core if necessary).

METS as the overall container for all metadata relating to an object - for exchange purposes, in particular.

For a good summary of the issues, see:

RUBRIC also has a useful Guide to Entering Metadata.

Descriptive metadata:

One schema to cover all types of objects?

OR Different schemas for different objects? Is this possible? Does deposit workflow only allow for DC?

Upgrading by administrators from DC to richer schema - how does this work?

Crosswalks between schemas

Possible descriptive schemas:

  • MODS
  • Simple Dublin Core
  • Qualified Dublin Core
  • CDWA-Lite
  • VRA Core

Administrative and File metadata:

Should largely be generated by the DigiTool software as part of the ingest and deposit workflows?

Should cover: technical details about object; rights information; preservation data; provenance data etc.

  • None