PioNEER - how to deposit material

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This page sets out the basic steps for depositing material into the PioNEER repository.

Go to this Web address:

Log in using the "login" link in the top right-hand corner of the screen . Use your Confluence username and password.

There are three options in the upper right-hand toolbar: NEER Journal Article, NEER Thesis, NEER Generic Document. Choose the option most appropriate to the type of material you are depositing. Use NEER Generic Document for conference papers, books and book chapters, and any non-text files (e.g. images, Powerpoints).

The deposit process takes you through five screens:

  1. Information screen. Click on Next.
  2. Citation or descriptive information screen. You must fill in the fields marked with an asterisk. Other fields are optional. Several fields provide pull-down menus: Institution, Publication Year, Research Theme, Research Cluster. Authors should be entered with surname first and a comma between surname and first name or initials, e.g. Burrows, Toby     Click on Next when you've finished entering information, or click on Cancel if you need to cancel the transaction.
  3. Assertion of Copyright. You must read the copyright declaration, click in the tick box next to "I accept the terms", and click on Next. If you are unsure whether the copyright declaration is applicable, click on Cancel and seek advice.
  4. Upload the files. Click on Browse to select and upload the file from your computer or local network. You can also copy a file from a Web URL into PioNEER: change the first box from "Local file" to "External URL", and paste the URL into the box to the left of the Preview button. Clicking on Preview enables you to view the file at the URL you've entered. You can upload up to three files at a time - but they must all relate to the same citation information you've already entered, e.g. chapters of a book or thesis. When you've finished, click on Next.
  5. Brief Information and Confirmation. This screen shows you the descriptive information you entered, together with details of the file(s) you uploaded or the URL you entered. Check it very carefully and use the Back button to go back and make any corrections. You will not be able to log in again and correct any of this information later. Don't click on Submit until you are sure that all the information is correct. If you want to cancel the transaction, click on the Cancel button.

After you Submit (or Cancel), you will see a screen saying "Thank you for using the Fast Track Deposit".

If you want to deposit another item, you will need to close this window and return to the PioNEER screen. 

Items deposited in PioNEER will be stored awaiting approval by NEER staff. The approval process is likely to take 1 or 2 days.

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